For most leaders, to address the chamber of another democracy is an honor granted once in a political lifetime, if at all. "In Kherson, Russian war criminals opened fire at unarmed people who peacefully protested against invaders," Kuleba said. The southern port of Mariupol has become a focal point of Russia's assault and lies largely in ruins with bodies lying on the streets, but attacks were also reported to have intensified on the second city Kharkiv on Monday. "Weather patterns over the next couple of weeks continue to remain critical in determining the overall extent and severity of coral bleaching across the Marine Park," it said. and we're moving on. They will be looking at the weather the plane encountered, whether the pilots made any distress calls, any hints in the wreckage of possible malfunctions and detailed profiles of the crew. "I would assign the most recent gold gains to concerns about Ukraine starting to creep back in because we haven't had the kind of progress on talks that I think markets were hoping for around the beginning of the month," said Ilya Spivak, a currency strategist at DailyFX. Speaking on national television, he said COVID-19 testing was being carried out only in areas where there was no fighting, and this was complicating efforts to track the disease. But the United States has so far ruled out sending fighter jets or other large weapons systems. comLung cancer is by far the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States making up almost 25 percent of all cancer mortalities -- but the number of new cases has been declining, partly because of people quitting smoking. Pakistan's PM Imran Khan is set to face a no-confidence vote against him today. Sweden reopened its garrison on Gotland in 2018, in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea, after shutting it down in 2004. One resident posting on Weibo under the username "Zhang Fan's Viewpoint" said authorities might as well lock the city down and put an end to the uncertainty caused by 48-hour lockdowns for testing that are often extended. "The safety profile of Evusheld was favourable and side effects were generally mild, with a small number of people reporting reactions at the injection site or hypersensitivity," the medicines watchdog added. relies on Saudi Arabia for 7% of its oil imports, a number that won't budge much unless it spurs more domestic output -- something progressives in Biden's party would resist. The ministry said it had struck the depot using high-precision, long-range weapons fired from the sea. Videos showing Russian shoppers fighting each other in supermarkets for sugar have gone viral on the internet. "I do think that there's a degree to which what Putin has done in Ukraine makes Russia much more of a strategic burden for Beijing than it was six weeks ago or six months ago," Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl said. Is Mystery Yacht In Tuscany Putin's Pleasure Boat? Stunning Details Here Even if schools do reopen fully, barriers to girls returning to education remain, with many families suspicious of the Taliban and reluctant to allow their daughters outside. Germany has also provided around 500 Strela surface-to-air missiles out from 2,700 promised. A vice premier was similarly sent to the site of the crash in 2010. comBiden, who will be seeking to rally allies to forge a united response to Moscow, will participate in meetings of NATO, the European Union and G7 Thursday before visiting Poland Friday and Saturday. The US government says recent days have brought more intense aerial and naval bombardment as Ukrainian resistance holds up the invaders' advance on land. comUS President Joe Biden has called Mr Putin a "war criminal" for plunging Ukraine into chaos and imposed stringent sanctions against key Russian businessmen. "China started with some very big numbers and they are continuing to decrease over time. "Vacuum" bombsThermobaric bombs are one of the most brutal war weapons. Greater coordination between national meteorological and hydrological services, disaster management authorities and development agencies is fundamental to better prevention, preparedness and response. Nearly a month into the conflict, there has been little progress in talks between the two sides, and Zelensky has repeatedly urged direct discussions with his Russian counterpart. Sri Lanka's financial crisis stems from a critical shortfall of foreign currency. "In response to requests for assistance from allies to address supply shortages due to the conflict in Ukraine, Canadian industry has the capacity to incrementally increase its oil and gas exports in 2022 by up to 300,000 barrels per day with the intention of displacing Russian oil and gas," he said. Germany had been reluctant to send weapons to Ukraine as Russian troops massed at its border last year. President Joe Biden is due to visit and witness the crisis first hand. As Ukraine mourns 10 people killed queueing for bread in the city of Chernihiv, Zelensky likens the Russian invasion to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the US, "when evil tried to turn your cities. "But the West could hit Russia with an oil embargo that would cause the Russian economy to plunge," Ukrainian presidential advisor Andriy Yermak said on Telegram. "Everything is very disorganised and all over the place," he said. "Russia will never allow such a development," he said in a message posted on Telegram. -led sanctions campaign to isolate Putin's regime and framed Washington as the "culprit" of the conflict for encouraging the eastward expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. comThere was no immediate claim of responsibility. The UN on its website has detailed the troubling trend of an over reliance on ground water saying, “We must protect them from overexploitation – abstracting more water than is recharged by rain and snow - and the pollution that currently haunts them, since it can lead to the depletion of this resource, extra-costs of processing it, and sometimes even preventing its use. com/YddeXaTUOf— Chimera Comstock (@SvrWxChaser) March 22, 2022In Elgin, near Austin, a mobile home was tossed onto the top of a building, reported The New York Times. Wilhite retired in the 2000s and spent most of his time travelling with his wife. 'Final solution'After hitting the right notes with his European and US audiences, Zelensky, who is Jewish, draws criticism in Israel after a speech to the Knesset on March 20 comparing the Russian invasion to the Holocaust. Russia denies purposefully targeting civilians and has instead accused Ukrainian forces of using civilians as human shields. The assault, however, has been heavy with tanks and missiles destroying many Ukrainian cities. In Kyiv, six bodies were laid on the pavement by a shopping mall struck overnight by Russian shelling. Russia Ukraine War: Kyiv Mariupol Under Attack, Biden Visits Europe: 10 Latest Development On Invasion 5 million. "A residential neighbourhood in northwestern Kyiv came under bombardment Wednesday morning, with several buildings damaged and four people wounded. (FILE)Beijing: Beijing on Wednesday described Russia as an "important member" of the G20 after Washington raised the prospect of excluding Moscow from the group. comThe move -- which is expected to be formally signed off on later this week -- is part of a broad Western push to help Ukraine keep up its ferocious resistance.