Specifically, two doses of 25 micrograms given to this age group generated similar levels of antibodies to two doses of 100 micrograms given to young people aged 18-25, indicating there would be similar levels of protection. Other departments hunkered down under a heavier workload than usual and even saw a barrage of resumes arrive from banks targeted by sanctions. The theme of World Water Day this year is "Groundwater, making the invisible visible". Her voice was getting louder and more aggressive - she was shouting in people's faces. With reference to stringent sanctions being imposed on Russia, the Indian-origin finance minister who is the son-in-law of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy was asked on air if his advice to businesses was not being followed within his own home. The resolution was adopted with 140 votes in favour, 38 abstentions and five against. Russian troops quickly pushed to the outskirts of Kyiv after invading the country on February 24, but their attempt to encircle and enter the city have failed. - NATO reinforces eastern flank -Zelensky wants NATO to help Ukraine go on the offensive with more advanced fighter jets, missile defense systems, tanks, armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles. Washington has also not observed any Chinese arms shipments to Russia since Biden held a call with President Xi Jinping last week in which he raised concerns about Beijing's support for Moscow, Sullivan said. It carries a positive account of Russia's progress stating that "two tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, six field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as about 60 militants of a Ukrainian nationalist formation were destroyed. The foreign ministry said Tuesday they believed all passengers on board were Chinese nationals. "In a brief statement last Friday after deciding to keep rates near a two-decade high of 20%, Nabiullina put off achieving her 4 per cent inflation target until 2024 and warned the economy is headed for contraction and upheaval with no clear end in sight. Some of these weapons have inflicted serious damage to Russian artillery and tanks. 8 million children have fled Ukraine as refugees, while another 2. AFP could not immediately verify the video's authenticity. Close to 7 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced in the one month of war, with one in three of them suffering from a chronic health condition, according to the global health agency. Taliban ordered girls' schools in Afghanistan to shut Wednesday hours after they reopened. Ukraine War: The civilian death count in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion has crossed 1,000. Born into a Jewish family, Zelensky spoke fluent Russian like most Ukrainians do. ""The Taliban's action contradicted its public assurances to the Afghan people and to the international community," the Western nations said in their statement. 17 billion) worth of Russian assets in Switzerland covered by sanctions, and the number is likely to rise, a government official said. 2% at $1,961. "But we should remember that this was the same logic that led the U. The CEO of a wealth management company claimed Putin's personal wealth is $200 billion. "It was coming down steep. comRussia, however, had hoped that some votes in favor would have shown it still has some support on the world stage following its all-out assault on Ukraine. The US Embassy in Moscow on Wednesday received a list of its diplomats that were declared "persona non grata" in what Russian media said was a response to the US move at the UN. Health authorities reported 4,770 new infections across the country, the bulk in the northeastern province of Jilin, as the city of Shenyang in neighbouring Liaoning province was ordered to lock down late Monday. The group also highlighted the danger for Gazprom of running out of foreign currency to honour its debts in the future. In that environment, Xi has left the hard talk to his diplomats. World Water Day 2022: History, Significance And Focus For This Year Putin is also believed to be the owner of a swanky 190,000 square-foot mansion sitting atop a cliff that overlooks the Black Sea. Mar 22, 2022 19:57 (IST)Ukraine says 300,000 people are running out of food in occupied KhersonUkraine's foreign ministry said on Tuesday about 300,000 people in the occupied city of Kherson were running out of food and medical supplies, and accused Russia of preventing civilians evacuating to Ukraine-controlled territory. Of the 115 justices seated throughout the Supreme Court's 233-year history, 108 have been white men and none have been Black women. Islamabad, Pakistan: Foreign ministers of Muslim nations gather in Pakistan Tuesday as the country's leader trumpets his achievement of getting Islamophobia recognised at the United Nations while at the same time battling the most serious challenge to his rule in four years. 50 million) for the children's long-term security and maintenance. "North Korea fired an unidentified projectile eastwards," South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. The article, though removed by the publication, has been archived and that version talks about the casualty figures revealed by Russian military officials. In addition, the Centre will also administer the AUD 20. It was determined that he was in fact a candidate for transplant since the cancer, despite being stage 4, had not spread to other organs, and he received his new lungs after a two-week wait. May 5, 2021 - McFarlane rules that it was "more probable than not" the sheikh was responsible for the hacking. comSince the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO has expanded to include countries on Russia's borders. Mar 23, 2022 03:54 (IST)Ukraine War: Ukraine's Zelenskiy says Russia talks tough, sometimes confrontationalUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Wednesday said peace talks with Russia to end the war were tough and sometimes confrontational but added "step by step we are moving forward. "I do think that there's a degree to which what Putin has done in Ukraine makes Russia much more of a strategic burden for Beijing than it was six weeks ago or six months ago," Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl said. comEven before the August 15 takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, Beijing sought to maintain ties with the group as US-led forces withdrew. Mar 22, 2022 16:12 (IST)Kremlin says it wants Ukraine talks to be more active, substantiveThe Kremlin on Tuesday said it would like ongoing talks between Russia and Ukraine to be more "active and substantive", as fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces continued. London: UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak on Thursday faced questions about the Russian presence of Infosys, the Indian software services company in which his wife Akshata Murty has a share. "We are extremely confident that the world can transition to a sustainable energy future with the combination of solar, wind, plus battery storage and electric vehicles," Musk said in a speech at the ceremony. Biden's US Supreme Court Pick, First Black Woman Nominee, Grilled By Opposition “He wants to disrupt and rewrite the post-1991 Cold War order. "The Ukrainian officials who have received access to Clearview AI have expressed their enthusiasm, and we await to hear more from them," Hoan Ton-That, the firm's co-founder and CEO, said in a statement.